My Journal Diary


            All praises just to our God which always safe us, given healthy and change to me to finished this portfolio. Which bring us from the darkness to the brightness one and also showed us the true way of this life?

This portfolio was undertaken while at biology education, department of mathematics and science. The faculty of teacher training Mataram University at semester 1. I would like to thanks to Dr. H. A Wahab Jufri, M.Sc, my lecturer of English course, for his suggestion and correction on this portfolio and also for his leading or guidance during may study in semester 1. Special thanks to my beloved parents for their valuable support and attention on my study. For making this portfolio better in the next, I really expect your critics and your suggestion.

At the last I hope this portfolio will be accepted and my given more advantages for all of us.

Mataram, 24 December 2011




Tuesday, September 6th 2011 the first meeting with Mr. Wahab, he introduces himself in Biology class, and also gave suggestion to student for choice the reader of Biology class. He invited us to nominate ourselves who want to be the candidate by explaining vision and mission. Finally, Dana is chosen be caption and Winangun was the voice of caption.


From the first meeting with Mr. Wahab, I’m very happy, very pleased, rile and I didn’t feel strained.



            The second meeting with Mr. Wahab, he explains the masteries to student. There is part of the sentence in English which to made a sentence in English very simple and complicated. Mr. Wahab looks the number in the whiteboard, and he asks suggestion to Sarah “Who is number is it?” and Sarah answers “It is Nura’s number”. He also gave suggestion to Winangun for made an example word spoken in English and writing in English. Another he made an example sentence in English with used Dana’s name, these is “Dana is lazy boy”. In here he used subject is the one where the noun group consists of the pronoun (Dana).


From the second meeting with Mr. Wahab, I’m very happy. Because he explain about understand what he explain to us.


Tuesday, 20th September 2011 the third meeting of English class. We had been studied about “introduction of the English sentence”. At the second meeting, our lecturer gave us the task about adjectives sentence. Besides, we discussed the task at the third meeting. Our lecturer instructed some of us to read our work, involved me. My work about adjectives sentence is good enough. However, I disappointed few, because I could not answer when our lecturer asked me to mention only one adjective word. After that, our lecturer asked my friend to help me. Since that I promised to learn hard.

Next, we discussed about adverb. The formula of adverb is {{Adv} A}* HN.  Adverbs gave us more information about adjectives. Our lecturer instructed one of our friends to read examples about adverb of sentence “extremely beautiful young women”. Next, our lecturer instructed us to make some adverbs sentence.

After that, we discussed about numbers. Our lecturer explained that numbers and other expressions of quantity such as: many, much, a lot of are placed before the adverb/ adjective element in the noun group. The formula for the noun group becomes: {Num} {{Adv} A}* HN. For example: two very fast electric trains. After our lecturer explained about numbers, we made numbers sentence.

Finally, we discussed about determiners. The formula of determiners is {Det} {Num} {{Adv} A* HN. However, time was over we just discussed determiners few. Our lecturer gave us homework to make determiners sentence to us discussed for the next meeting.


From our discussed about English sentence, I got many vocabularies and information. There is with make one word and make word again. From each alphabet of another word, and like that until I can adding my vocabulary be more and more.


Tuesday, 27th September 2011 the fourth meeting of English class. In this meeting we discussed the task about determiners. Our lecturer instructed some of us to read our work. Our lecturer instructed Rika, Muhaimin, Desy, and Ifty.

Next, we discussed about noun. The formula of noun is {Det} {Num} {{Adv} A}* {N} HN. Heny read example of noun sentence.

Finally, we discussed about adjunct. The formula of adjunct sentence is {Det}{Num}{{Adv} A}* {N} HN {Adj}*. Before we began to discuss adjunct. Dana corrected the word of adjunct becomes adjunct. Because on the handbook, word of adjunct written adjunct. After that, Arifin, Dela, and Nova read the examples of adjunct sentences. One of the examples adjunct sentence was “the volume of a gas varies with its pressure”. The volume is head noun. Of a gas is adjunct. I can few to make the adjunct sentence. Some of our friends asked question. They were Winangun, Malika, and Irma. Who answered the question was our lecturer.

Time was over. We cannot discuss about noun groups. We will discuss at the next meeting.


From studying Mr. wahab of this meeting, I can make some determiner sentence, noun sentence. However, I cannot make adjunct sentence because I don’t understand.


Friday, 7th October 2011 the fifth meeting of English class. Before our lecturer begin to material. Our lecturer asked Diah and Fitri to spell of studied word. However, Fitri don’t understand with the lecturer question. Next, lecturer asked Dana to comment about what can he took for studied about elements of the noun groups. Muhammad Arifin read the first paragraph. Malika and Annisa read the next paragraph.

After that, Dana asked our lecturer about plural and singular. When our lecturer explained about plural and singular, Fahrurrozi came late. Or lecturer asked Fahrurrozi why he came late and our lecturer advised to don’t late again.

Furthermore, our lecturer continues to explain about plural and singular. He gave us one example about that. Besides, our lecturer asked Viona to repeat plural and singular sentence who our lecturer mentioned. Wiyan spelt of student’s word.

Finally, our lecturer asked Septi to read standard of competency and basic competencies. Lia Savitri translated standard of competency into Indonesian language and some of us translated basic competencies.


From our discussed about plural and singular, I can differentiated between plural and singular. Difference head noun is singular have verb must be plural too, but if head noun is plural have verb must be plural too. Which plural using  “are” and singular using “is”.


Friday, 14th October 2011 the sixth meeting of English class. The lecturer asked Dana to pray before begin to study. Our lecturer gave us advised to always pray before study. After that, our lecturer asked Fany presented about word trees in the class. However, she came yet. next, our lecturer asked Desy to present. Desy presented word trees use word” BACTERIA”. Parts of word trees from word” BACTERIA” were Bur, Aspen, Corpus, Fiber, Ear, Rose, Iron, and Aero. Our lecturer asked Suspia, Dana, Malika, Amelia, Lina, Irma, Imam Mardani, Winangun, and the last was Yuli to present.

Next, our lecturer begins discussed about the verb. Our lecturer explained about TRANSITIVE and INTRANSITIVE of the verb. Malika read example about TRANSITIVE and INTRANSITIVE sentence. Besides, our lecturer asked us to made TRANSITIVE and INTRANSITIVE sentence with use word “LEARN “ or” WORK”. Our lecturer expects to us can understand about TRANSITIVE and INTRANSITIVE sentence.

Our lecturer asked Amelia to read paragraph about the structure of the verb group and Nura read the next paragraph. Susan read optional element in the verb group is Auxiliaries. Iien made example from to be”Am “. Imam Muslim read the function of Auxiliaries. The function of Auxiliaries is to indicate both TENSE( present, Past, Future, etc) and VOICE ( Active, Passive).

The final minutes of the  lesson there is funny incident when our lecturer memorized name of us. Next, or lecturer asked Nova to read example verb sentence. However, time was past. So, we will continue our discussed of the next meeting.


From this material, now, I know difference between transitive sentence and intransitive sentence.   


Tuesday, 18th October 2011 the seventh meeting of English class. Before we began to discussed, our lecturer ask how minute in one hour. Some of my friends answered our lecturer question. That, one hour is equal to 60 minute. Beside, in one minute is equal to 60 second.

After that, our lecturer asks us about function of Adverbs. Lina answered the question. She said” the function of Adverbs is to give us information about the Adjective. Next, we discussed about Adverbs. There are many kinds of Adverbs which we can use in verb group. However, we look at only two of them. These are Adverbs of Frequency and Adverbs of Manner.

Adverbs of frequency tell us how often something occurs or how often something is carried out. The frequency can range from zero frequency to total frequency. Zero frequency is indicate by the word ’NEVER’ while its opposite, or 100% frequency is indicate by ’ALWAYS’. Between 0% and 100% frequency, there exists a continuum of frequencies.


From our discussed about Adverbs of frequency, when I made sentences I can differentiated when I use adverbs of frequency like never, almost never, hardly ever, rarely, seldom, occasionally, sometimes, often, frequently, usually, almost always, and always.


Friday, 4th November 2011 the eighth meeting of English class. Our lecturer asked us to pray before began to study. After that, we began to studied new material about “The Planarian”. Our lecturer instructed us to read paragraph about “The Planarian”. Next, our lecturer gave us some questions. The questions were:

–          Identify main sentence in each paragraph

–          There are looking for HN and MV in each sentence

–          Answered any questions in hand book “English for Biology 1”

–          Write new words

Before, our lecturer made groups for us. My partner was Suspia Andriani. Suspia and I discussed to answer the questions.

First, our lecturer aked Malika’s group to answered first question. Besides, our lecturer asked my group to answered question about identify main sentence in second paragraph. My answered was “A Planarian has a simple digestive system”. I very happy because I can answer question.

However, time was over. so, we just discussed two paragraphs and other paragraph we discussed on the next meeting. From discussed about “The Planarian” I got many vocabularies about biology’s words.


From this meeting, I very happy because I can answered the question from my lecturer. Besides, I get much vocabulary from article about “ The Planarian”. My lecturer also gave us supported to study hard and must read hand book before the next meeting.


Friday, November 11th 2011 we discussed about the life of animal. More specifically, it’s about how does an amoeba move, how do snake move, how do bats find their way in the dark, how does a caterpillar turn into butterfly, how does camel conserve the water, how do bees make a honey.

The lecturer divides us into a group, when each group had their own text. My group was Viona, we were translating the text about how do bats find their way in the dark. The lecturer wants to my group to tell the steps of how do bats find their way in the dark. We had tell it systematically, like using firstly, secondly, after that, and finally.

After all the groups had presented their text, then we closed the class together.


From this meeting, I get steps to tell something. The steps are using firstly, secondly, after that, and finally.



Friday, November 18th 2011 we discussed  the topic of Sewage, Sludge, and Scum. My lecturer gave suggestion to translate the text. After that, we must answer the task in hand book. The text is quite easy to understand but still had some new words for us. This text is really useful, since we mostly heard many problems within it. Actually, this time the lecturer didn’t lead us for every sentence to translate them. We had to do it on our own. After that, we answered the question of the task. So, we answered the task together and the lecturer also translates some sentence for us.


In this meeting I must more study hard for can translate English words, because that is so really important for me to understand about a topic. In here I not only can translate the topic, but I must to understand what the meaning of the topic. So, I can answer the question of the topic.


On this meeting we study English at 2 PM of Friday. The new lecturer to lesson English was Mr. Imam Bachtiar. He gave us another article. It was about Darwin proposed natural selection as the mechanism of evolution. In here, he asked us to try translating the text. But it seems not many of us may be able to understand it well. In this meeting, we weren’t able to finish the text at all. So we will continue to translate the topic next week. Before we going home, Mr. Imam want to student more to reading many books that used English language.


If we can more to translate the topic we must more reading some article English language or some text English. So, I  try to do that, I hope I can to translate about the topic more and more again.


On this lesson was we were continuing the previous text that had been given. Now we continue it to the second paragraph and try to translate it. Like the previous meet before, Mr. Imam asked a student to translated it and speak up their translation. So we did listen to every translation. If we had heard some translation were wrong. We fixed it together, so the wrong one could be lead to the right one. Actually this lesson was probably same like the previous meet. All we did just translate every single sentence of the text. So in the end, we only could translate it until the third paragraph. After that, we closed the class together.


From this lesson I learn that in order to improve our vocabularies. One of the most effective ways is by reading. Even though it’s just a short text. Just read it and try to translate it.


The object we study today is same like the meet before. All we have to do here is just translate and translate every single word, sentence, and paragraph. I kind of feel bored, cause a couple days before is translating the same text. It seems like not only me who feel bored, I could tell by the word how my other friends feel is. I can see it from their face. What a funny face if I think about it back then. However, I must study order I know mean from the article. Back to the topic, the way of translation today seems little different from before. Here, we had to write our translation in the whiteboard while Mr. Imam only gave us a short time to translate it by our self. I and Some of my friends got their own nerves and I can see it clearly from their expression. Finally, we finished the whole text and coincidence, the time’s up too. So we end the together.


Actually it’s not as bored as I think. I learn that it would be better if we translate a text together. Cause we can fix our translation together.


On December, 13th 2011Today’s lesson is about lesson 10. It was the human’s body. This text mainly tell us about how the organs of our body’s work. The text are how do you digest food, how do you hear, how do your kidneys work, how does your heart work, and how does a baby develop. Luckily, Mr. Imam lead us a way to translate them. He just pointed the students or asked for a volunteer to translate them. He did never angry or disappointed whenever we translate it wrong. Because he always said “English is a mistake” what a kind and wise words they are. Back to the topic, actually we just waste the time by translate every off.


Through today’s lesson, I learn little things about biology. Especially in English of course.


On this meeting we studying translating the text of lesson 12 in hand book. It definitely about  Small but Mighty. Overall, this text mainly tell about wood decay, the cause of wood decay, how to prevent the wood decay, and where’s mostly the wood decay occur, I mean the place, region, and so on. The method of this meet translation is same like the previous 2 meet before. It was speak up our translation. We also find some new words that even mr.Imam are still wondering about. It was “Mold”, and “Sapwood”.  Also we erase some words which is shouldn’t be. Finally, after we translate the whole text. We end the class together.


I learn something new about how to keep wood dry . It was not difficult but difficult. In here I study how can do that. so, I want to try, because in my home I have many chairs from the woods.


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